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Prime Minister assures government's commitment to MPs' recommendations

Wednesday 25 July 2018 02:51 PM

Prime Minister Mostapha Madbouli
Prime Minister Mostapha Madbouli

By Yasmin Fawaz
Prime Minister Mostapha Madbouli said the government was obliged to take the House of Representatives’ recommendations on its program which was presented to parliament on July 3.

Madbouli’s remarks came in response to the House of Representatives' comments on the government's program on Wednesday. He offered thanks to MBs for their in-depth discussions which focused more on the government's program within the framework of caring about the public interest of the Egyptian state.

Madbouli advised the government to be able to achieve its program, saying: " MPs’ remarks were made in the framework of freedom and objectivity, and I offer you many thanks and I commit, before you, to taking these observations  appreciated by the government."