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500 containers refuse to pay customs duty at Safaga Port: minister

Monday 06 August 2018 06:36 PM


By Maha Abu Wedn & Ahmed Ashour

Minister of Finance Dr. Mohmed Maat said that more than 500 containers refused  paying customs duty  at the Red Sea's Safaga Port, urging the full  compliance with effective laws, as well as highlighting the importance of allowing the inspection of cargoes and paying the customs duty.
With the law being applicable to all Egyptian people, Ministry of Finance will not give up the obligation of collecting taxes owed to the Public Budget, according to statements delivered by Maat while attending African Gathering's  annual meeting in the presence of governors of Monetary Fund and World Bank.
Maat stressed the importance of paying taxes, adding that non-compliance is punishable by pertinent law stipulating fines and administrative seizure as penalties.
Maat denounced  rumors claiming the unconstitutionality of the property taxes, confirming that they are nonsense aiming at emboldening taxpayers to evade payment.  
" Taxpayers are actually ramping up their tax payments as well as inquiries," said he, noting that the Higher Constitution Court has confirmed the constitutionality of the property tax and all ministers, judges, large taxpayers kept paying the tax regularly several years ago.