Bourse’s market capitalization gains EGP 5.4bn in a week

Saturday 11 August 2018 01:57 PM

The stock market
The stock market

By Ahmed Ali
The stock exchange's market ’s capitalization rose 5.4 billion pounds to close at 885.778 billion pounds, compared to its value at the beginning of trading, amounting to 880.368 billion pounds, a rise of 0.6%.

The market capitalization of EGX30 index rose 0.5% to EGP 570.353 billion, compared to EGP 567.638 billion, gaining 2.715 billion pounds.

The EGX70 index rose 1.3% to EGP 196.171 billion, compared to EGP 193.598 billion.

Nile Stock Exchange’s market capitalization reached EGP 1.150 billion, down 0.4% compared to EGP 1.155 billion during last week's trading.