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Mubarak-era minister of Information handed 3 years in jail

Sunday 09 September 2018 09:19 PM

Safwat El-Shereef
Safwat El-Shereef

By Al-Mal  
Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Mubark-era senior official Safwat El-Shereef to three years in prison and a EGP99mln fine, while El-Shereef's son Ihab was acquitted from all charges including illicit gain and profiteering.  
Attorney of the defendants submitted in a previous session documents certifying the waiver of Ismailia City's four plots of lands worth EGP44mln as well as documents proving that up to EGP150mln claims leveled against  El-Shereef son Ashraf were unfounded.
As Al-Shereef can still appeal the verdict, a court of appeals had overturned a previous ruling that handed El-Shereef  a three-years jail sentence and EGP209mln fine over illicit gain charges.
In addition to assuming the post of Minister of Information under Mubarak, El-Shereef's other posts include head of Egypt's state Information Body and speaker of Parliament.