EGX fluctuates in Sunday's trades amid sell-offs led by Egyptians

Sunday 09 September 2018 09:34 PM

EGX Building
EGX Building

By Ragab Ezz El-Deen  
Egyptian Stock Exchange ended Sunday's trades on a mixed note amid heavy sell-offs led by Egyptians and foreigners.
EGX30 fell by 0.4% to 15740pts, EGX50 by 0.42% to 2567pts, and EGX20 by 0.68% to 15350pts,  whereas EGX70 rose by 0.3% to 751pts, the broader EGX100 by 0.4% to 1938pts.
Stocks were exchanged against EGP472mln, as Egyptian, foreign institutions and foreign investors sold stocks worth EGP5.1mln, EGP18.7mln, and EGP1.1mln respectively, whereas Egyptians, Arabs and Arab institutions bought stocks worth EGP4mln, EGP14.5mln and EGP6.3mln respectively.
Out of 171 stocks, 53 rose, 80 fell and 38 remained unchanged.