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New Cairo City Authority initiated a crackdown on housing units turned into shops

Thursday 13 September 2018 05:43 PM

Crackdown on housing units
Crackdown on housing units

By Bedour Ibrahim
New Cairo City Authority closed down more than 26 real estate companies as well as commercial and educational entities at the Fifth Settlement district.
" The action is just the beginning of a larger scale disciplinary crackdown aiming at rooting out and rectifying violations," warned deputy chairperson of NCCA Eng. Akram El-Refaai, referring to turning housing units by owners and tenants into offices, shops and warehouses.
Officials will successively initiate likewise drives at New Cairo City's  districts  in order to withstand what he called "the phenomenon of turning the housing units into other uses" so as to replenish the state coffers with  returns that are rising in tune with  price hikes skyrocketing to EGP60k  per  sqm of  offices and shops in new cities, particularly NCC.
" For units that are found violating  articles 16 and 19 of the property bylaw, officials  will first  take out electricity meters, then close down, seal off  the units next day. In the span of one month, the owner will be notified of the illegal act to turn the units back to  original condition. In case owners fail to comply, the allotment orders shall be overturned, invalidating contracts certifying their ownership of the units."
In case owners express readiness to get back the lands or flats, they shall have to pay at prices prevailing at the time being, not at the time of allotment, he added.
" While getting  lands at prices ranging between EGP100k and EGP300k several years ago, the currently prevailing  prices jumped to more than EGP5mln," said he.
For owners to have meters installed back, they shall file an application with the city authority showing interest in bringing the unit back to original status. Meters may  be installed back only upon inspecting the unit to make sure that they are furnished as a residential unit, he continued.