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150,000 feddans to be reclaimed in Toshka this year, Minister

Saturday 01 November 2014 07:59 PM

Hossam Maghazi
Hossam Maghazi


About 150 thousand feddans will be reclaimed in Toshka this year as part of the one million feddan-reclamation program announced by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in his election platform, according to Irrigation Minister Hossam Maghazi.

New ​​17 thousand feddans were put up in Toshka and were allocated to three companies through direct order, until the completion of reclamation operations within 4 months only, Maghazi said.

The minister stressed that his visit to Toshka is the fourth in 4 months, adding that it focused primarily on removing any obstacles hindering this mega national project, solving the problems of national companies working on it as well as  fixing a timetable for reclamation operations.