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Egypt rejected request naming agents as suspects in Regeni killing

Sunday 02 December 2018 11:55 PM

Italian student Giolio Regeni
Italian student Giolio Regeni

By Al-Mal 
A request made by Italian prosecution investigating the murder of the Italian student Giulio Regeni was unveiled for the first time by an Egyptian judicial source who confirmed it had been turned down twice. 
During last Wednesday's meeting between prosecution delegates of Egypt and Italy, the source continued, Italian prosecutors made again the request they first presented to Egyptian officials back in December 2017 when they demanded enlisting some Egyptian security agents in a registry list of suspects in accordance with provisions in the Italian code of criminal procedure. " They based their claims on the Egyptian security agents subjecting the Italian student Giulio Regeni to surveilance," said the source. 
The request was turned down because Egyptian legal system never acknowledge such registry and naming the Egyptian security agents as suspects in the case lacks substantial evidence, citing surveillance among customary prerogatives of security personnel. 
During the latest meeting with the Italian counterparts, the entry of Regeni into Egypt using tourist, not student, visa prompted the Egyptian officials to ask Italian officials to conduct deep investigations into the matter, given Regeni was conducting academic research into independent Egyptian labor union, said the source. 
"The Italian investigators pledged to carry out deep investigations into the matter and to get the Egyptian officials briefed about its results in the upcoming meetings."