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Giza's bus attack spurred no drop inhotel occupancy: CTC

Saturday 29 December 2018 10:48 PM

Giza's bus bombing
Giza's bus bombing

By Doaa Mahmoud

Giza's bombing on a Vietnamese tourist bus yesterday killing four people has not diminished number of tourists coming to Egypt to spend Christmas festivals and the new year celebrations, according to expert and member of Chamber of Tourist Companies Atef Bakr Aglan.

"According to tourist companies and foreign travel organizers who confirmed that no travels, reservations or bookings in hotels have been cancelled in any of Egypt's tourist cities," said he.

Tourists in several countries such as U.S, France, Belgium, Britain and Turkey were targets of terrorist attacks during 2018, but tourism recovered and returned soon to normalcy in these countries... The same is true about Egypt, he added.

"Foreign and world reports signal Egypt's prominence in terms of security and stability, outflanking several advanced countries."

Also, Aglan lauded the state's prompt response to the incident through the issuance of instant news from certified sources, triggering neither exaggerations nor fabrications in the way the media handled the incident.

Hotel occupancy rates during New Year celebrations remain as high as 100 percent in Cairo and Giza and range from 70 to 90 percent in the remaining tourist cities, he noted.