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El-Sisi will renounce amending the presidential terms of office: MP

Sunday 06 January 2019 09:49 AM

President El-Sisi
President El-Sisi

By Yasmeen Fawaz
Calls for amending the Egyptian Constitution's presidential terms of office will be flatly renounced by President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi, according to  member of House of Representatives Tamer El-Shahawy. 
" Parliamentarians who demanded the amendment of  the presidential terms of office alongside a number of other articles are just expressing their own points of  views," said El-Shahawy, adding that he himself has reservations about according the current four-year presidential term of office that are shorter than those of the parliamentarians. 
" Judging in light of my personal dealings with the president, I think that El-Sisi is classified among personalities that respect the governing rules and laws and may not, therefore, seek to disregard  a constitution that won the approval of up to 98 percent of the electorate."