EGX fluctuated on Wednesday, EGX30dipped by 0.28 percent

Thursday 10 January 2019 07:50 AM

EGX Building
EGX Building

By Ragab Ezz El-Deen

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended Wednesday's trades on a mixed note amid sales led by the Arabs and the foreigners.

EGX30 fell by 0.28 percent to 13365pts, EGX70 by 0.14 percent to 687pts, the broad EGX100 by 0.01 percent to 1723pts, whereas EGX50 rose by 0.08 percent to 2206pts, and EGX20 by 0.2 percent to 13586pts.

Stock trades amounted to EGP1.1bn, as Egyptian corporations, Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners bought stocks worth EGP64mln, EGP18.2mln, EGP2.9mln and EGP8.2mln respectively. Arab and foreign corporations sold stocks worth EGP69.7mln and EGP23.7mln respectively.

Most stocks ended trades in the red and green, as 52, out of 175 stocks, rose, 88 fell and 35 remained unchanged.