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Egypt advanced proposals to make Africa a peer to Europe and US, parliamentarian

Saturday 09 February 2019 02:29 PM


By Yasmine Fawaz:
Through its presidency to the African Union (AU) in the new tenure, Egypt will achieve remarkable progress in sustainable development. It will pay attention to sustainable development and, will support African economies as part of 2063 agenda and UN sustainable development agenda of 2030 given the positive development undergone by the African continent such as AU reforms, Member of Parliament Mohamed Badawi said.
Egypt will lead development in Africa as it led liberation in the past, he added, noting that Cairo has advanced proposals, which would make the continent a peer to Europe and US, including creating a unified African bank and launching a common currency for AU states like that of Europe, in addition to large projects of merge.
Africa is seeking a wise leadership, which is capable of directing the continent to the right path, the parliamentarian said, adding that Egypt provides a model to be followed by the African countries in terms of achieving comprehensive development nationwide, noting that Cairo opens its doors to brotherly African countries to benefit from its experience.