Traders are advised to buy Global Telecom stock: Al-Naeem

Monday 25 June 2018 08:20 PM

Global Telecom Holding.
Global Telecom Holding.

Asmaa El-Sayed
Stock of Global Telecom Holding is recommended to move up to EGP5pts as a first target then to EGP5.55 as a second target, according to Al-Naeem Ressearch Unit.
"The stock is testing the resistance level of EGP4.45 - 4.50 and in case it manages to cross that level and stay above EGP4.50 the way will be paved for it to rebound to EGP55.5," stated a research note obtained by Al-Mal newspaper, specifying loss-halting level at EGP4.30.
The stock ended Monday's trades on an up note, as it rose slightly by 0.22% to EGP4.47.