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Egypt's Sisi hailed successes on security, political stability and economy

Saturday 30 June 2018 05:18 PM

Sisi's televised speech
Sisi's televised speech

By Al-Mal
Egypt is on the right track on account of  what have been achieved of its program for economic reform, Egypt's President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi said today in a speech marking the 5th anniversary of the 30 of June Revolution whose mass protests helped toppled the regime of former President Mohmed Mursy.
" Although economic reforms have dire consequences on the welfare of the population, the suffering resulting from failure to overhaul the economy surpasses  that emanating from moving ahead with the reforms,' said he.   
The Egyptian people, on the day of the  30 June Revolution,  made a clear and audible voice pushing the world to bow with respect to its will. Since then, the face of the whole region has changed drastically away from evil, exclusion and terrorism path to that of security, development, goodness and peace, he added.
" On that day millions of Egyptian, women, men, elders and youths, took to the streets declaring that traitors and conspirators ought to be expelled avowing complete loyalty and affiliation to this homeland in word and deed."
" On that day, Egyptians enforced waves of extremism and disunity sweeping the region to come to a halt after some believed they had the upper hand. The Egyptian People, as normal throughout history, had the last and decisive decision."
While referring to  challenges Egypt faced since 2011, El-Sisi lauded the way Egyptians overcame the absence of security, political instability, a mushrooming terrorism, armed conflict, and a collapsing economy.
Egypt, he continued, managed to restore stability and curb terrorism depsite the financial, political and media support terrorists kept  receiving from abroad.
On the front of economic meltdown that struck the country since the ouster of former president Husni Mubarak back in 2011, El-Sisi referred to the astounding success in pushing up foreign reserves to USD44bn up from USD15bn in June 2013.
He also hailed the improvement of economic growth to 5.4% up from less than 2% five years ago, promising to drive growth further up to 7%.