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Evergrow to set up Egypt's first calcium phosphate factory

Saturday 30 June 2018 07:31 PM

Evergrow Fertilizers
Evergrow Fertilizers

By Al-Mal
Evergrow for Specialty Fertilizers is poised to set up Egypt's first factory producing calcium phosphate,a basic ingredient in poultry feed, in Sadat city in collaboration with the world-recognized Echo Foods
Planned to secure 1000 direct job opportunities and other 4000 jobs, the factory is planned to be established  at EGP2bn capital, produce a yearly capacity of 110k tonne and 600k complex fertilizers.
"Evergrow aims at supplying the domestic market with  25% of output and order other 75% to overseas markets," said chairman Eng. Mohmed El-Kheshen.
The prevalence of  phosphate with 23 to 24% concentration in Egypt makes it a hotbed for the project, as plant  is capable of generating foreign currencies through creating  added-value advantages for the national industry and a competitive edge in world markets.  
Evergrow is set to inaugurate other projects this year, driving up its yearly total output to 1 million tonne specialty fertilizers and chemicals to meet demand in local and foreign markets.
" With exports tapping 70 countries, the company is competing globally in potassium sulfate with an annual output of  high-quality 400,000 tonne products," said he.