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Egypt's parliament approves granting immunity to High-ranking officers

Tuesday 03 July 2018 09:27 PM

Egyptian Parliament.
Egyptian Parliament.

By Yasmeen Fawaz

Egypt's House of Representatives approved a drafting bill submitted by the government regulating way of handling the Armed Forces'  high-ranking officers.
The first article stipulate high-ranking officers to be summoned for  a life-time service in the Armed Forces upon the issuance of a presidential decree.
The above-mentioned high-ranking officers shall receive all privileges and rights that are due  to the cabinet ministers, according to the second article of the bill.
A presidential decree shall, according to third article, specify the privileges and rights given to the above mentioned officers, as privileges and rights given by this law may be combined with other rights and privileges granted by any other law.
The fourth article stipulates the granting of honory medals to the above-mentioned officers upon the issuance of a presidential decree.
The fifth article grants immunity to the above-mentioned officers against interrogations or any other judicial measures for acts committed in the period  during which  the constitution was suspended until the House of Representatives resumes the exercise of its own powers.
The officers are given the same types of  immunity and treatment granted to members of the diplomatic corps while they are on duty and after they are summoned.