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Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to promote economic cooperation

Thursday 05 July 2018 10:15 AM

Ethiopia dam
Ethiopia dam

Officials from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan began talks to establish a budget fund to finance investment projects in the three nations, it was reported today.

According to a statement from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, the talks are part of an action plan agreed in May, with a view to strengthening cooperation in key development areas.

The initiative is part of the efforts to alleviate tensions surrounding the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam, said the text issued by the Foreign Ministry. The tripartite meeting expects to result in 'an exchange of views on the best way to move forward in the implementation of the economic growth guidelines, which in turn strengthen bilateral relations'.

Regarding the dam, it is possible that the representatives of the three countries address questions about the filling process, and agree to establish a joint team responsible for inspecting the techniques and following the plan.