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Egypt's police managed to liberate a child from kidnappers unharmed

Sunday 08 July 2018 09:19 PM

Kidnapping a child
Kidnapping a child

By Hussein Ragab

Egypt's Ministry of Interiors said today that it managed to pinpoint and arrest culprits who abducted a child living in  Shorouk suburb.
A banker informed the police of  her 7-years-old child being kidnapped while walking nearby her father-in-law house using a private car.
The kidnappers telephoned the child's family requesting a cash amount as a ransom for the hostage to be discharged.
According to a Minister of Interior's  statement, the identity of the kidnappers could be determined owing to the kid's father pretending to cave in to their demands through disbursing a portion of the ransom.
By means of intercepting their telephone communications with family, special forces could locate the child's whereabouts, releasing him and handing him back to his family and to also arrest the culprits along with a sum of money and firearms used in committing the crime.
The Public Prosecutions interrogated the accused to reveal any pertinent details.