Egypt's parliament criticized ten points in the government statement

Monday 09 July 2018 07:41 PM

Egyptian Parliament.
Egyptian Parliament.

By Yasmeen Fawaz
House of Representatives' Economic Affairs Committee, chaired by Dr. Amr Ghallab, was cautious and requested clarifications  about 10 points included in statement delivered lately by  prime minister Mostafa Madbuly, noting that deciding whether to  give  its confidence  to the newly-appointed government slated for next Sunday's session shall hinge on fixing such points.  
According to statements delivered to Al-Mal newspaper by EAC's undersecretary MP Medhat El-Sherif, the parliamentary committee criticized the lacking of a timetable for the administrative reform measures, ration card system, combating corruption.
Also, EAC unanimously disapproved of the apparent absence of funding sources regarding all goals and axes of the statement, constituting a flagrant mistake that ought to be addressed.
"A ministerial committee ought to be formed in order to take charge of managing loans and grants given to Egypt so as to set forth a clear repayment plan and to safeguard consequently future generations," said Al-Sherif.
EAC requested all schemes serving the small and medium-sized enterprises to be assembled into a single unified program monitored by an independent agency, he continued.
With the aim of uprooting any monopolistic practices, a  clear blueprint for incentivising the new exporters was also advised.
The committee said that the public offering of state-owned businesses and the founding of a sovereign fund, both  proposed by the government,  need badly to be clarified and explained.
" A plausible and detailed strategy for the rationalization of governmental spending and a mechanism for facing off to threats jeoperdizing national food security  in light of Egypt's increasing reliance on agricultural imports will be referred to in the committee's report."
With them overlooking specifying the most vulnerable segments of society, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade's indexes are limited in scope.
 EAC, seeing Ministry of Military Production as a promising ministry, will urge it to prepare a comprehensive program complete with indexes and a plan for meeting  civilian needs  and ratcheting up exports.