Infinity E agrees to charge electric cars at WCR's Chill Out stations

Monday 09 July 2018 08:30 PM


By Sherif Omar

Infinity E,  a subsidiary of  Infinity Holding,  clinched a memorandum of understanding with Watanya Company for Roads for setting up electric vehicle chargers in areas affixed to petrol stations and wayside parks situated along highways and roads.
Infinity Holding established a new arm under Infinity E rubric in collaboration with other investors to take charge of charging electric cars inside WCR's petrol stations  or of installing charging sets inside the urban communities or car parks.
Zahran Legal Consults Office and co-partners is appointed as the legal consultant of Infinity Holding's expansions in Egypt.
Infinity E is holding talks with WCR over the installation of  chargers inside the new Chill Out  stations that the latter started to build along newly-developed routes such as Shubra-Banha Road, as it plans to build new stations across Upper and Lower Egypt.
Belonging to Mansour family, Infinity operates in solar energy generation, owns 5 stations in Aswan's Benban and possessed a minority stake in CI Capital Holding in 2016.
Back in March, Ministry of Trade and Industry issued decree giving permission to importing electric cars in a bid to incentivize the local market to buy the environment-friendly vehicles whose fuel and maintenance  are cost-efficient as compared with conventional ones.