Eye-witness gave key information about the three children corpses

Wednesday 11 July 2018 08:01 PM

Slaughtering of children in Maryutia
Slaughtering of children in Maryutia

By Al-Mal
Criminal investigation team, in charge of demystifying the slaughtering  of three children found yesterday wrapped in plastic bags in Giza's Maryutia district, attained a key evidence that may help uncover identity of the perpetrators.  
An eye-witness gave important information about the identity of culprits, according to informed sources at Giza Security Directorate.
The next hours will be instrumental in unveiling the killers as well as the place from which they conveyed the corpses.
The CCTV cameras surrounding the buildings adjacent to the place where the corpses were found unveiled no shots indicative of the culprits nor timing of getting rid of the corpses, driving policemen to check other CCTV camera situated in more remote areas.