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El-Sisi warns Egyptians against taking to the streets to protest rising living costs

Sunday 22 July 2018 09:26 PM

El-Sisi at graduation ceremony
El-Sisi at graduation ceremony

By Ahmed Sabri
President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi said on Sunday that the real threat Egypt is facing is that of undermining the state from within through mechanisms ranging from exercising pressures, spreading rumors, conducting terrorist acts and instilling feelings of hopelessness and frustration.
While attending ceremony marking the graduation of cadets of military faculties and technical institutes, El-Sisi added that undermining the state from within becomes a reality when citizens decide to  take to the streets in attempt to rectify  what they perceive as injustice and deteriorating economic conditions, but in the process, they inflict destruction and wreak havoc on  their country.
 The state has faced up to 21,000 rumors in the span of just three months with all aiming at spreading a state of confusion, fear and disappointment as well as at  making all accomplishments that the state managed to achieve appear useless, he added.
Coping painstakingly with the rising living costs becoming a reality after the government pushed ahead with painful economic reforms can not be compared with the ruining and destruction that may befall the country when  chaos becomes the norm, he explained.
A day ago, the Egyptian government decided to raise natural gas prices by 75% for subscribers using the gas at households or for commercial purposes.