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Exclusive: DP World to be blamed for the delays at Ain Sokhna Port

Thursday 26 July 2018 05:51 PM

Mahfouz Taha
Mahfouz Taha

Port Said - by Amany El-Azazy
Al-Mal newspaper obtained exclusively results of investigations conducted by the Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority as regards complaints raised by Ain Sokhna Port's importers and exporters over  delaying   customs clearance to up to 45 days.   
The importers, who have to make their merchandises stay longer at the port owing to customs clearance delays, complained about paying additional exorbitant costs.
SCEZA said that Ain Sokhna Port operator DP World is to be blamed for  the delayed customs clearance according to results of investigations conducted by a  high-ranking presidential committee.
The delays are attributed to lacking freighting and unloading equipment because the UAE-based DP World focuses more  on vessels handling at the expanse of freight forwarding, SCEZA added.
In a letter to DP World,  deputy SCEZ Mahfouz Abd El-Rahman asked the international operator to take urgent measures so as  to help shorten procedures of customs clearance to one day by means of revamping equipments and reorganizing storage and checking spaces at the port.
With the aim of providing spaces necessary for checking goods as fast as possible by customs authority, Mahfouz proposed clinching a deal with Badr Dry Port affiliated to the Armed Forces' National Service Authority and which is almost 10 kilometer away from Ein Sokhna Port.
" Delaying customs clearance raises logistics costs borne out ultimately by the Egyptian consumers as well as  by foreign ones, making the Egyptian exports less competitive," said he
Also, Mahfouz warned against losing the competitive edge of Ein Sokhna Port to the advantage of rivals as a result of failure to attract regular shipping lines and to reach maximum capacity since concession right was given to DP World from 2008 to 2018.