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Jade Apparel to inject USD50mln investments into ready-made garments

Thursday 26 July 2018 06:53 PM

Jady Apparel
Jady Apparel

By Nadia Sallam
Turkey-based Jade Apparel is conducting constructions necessary for setting up a large factory for producing ready-made garments at Ismalyia City's free zone at USD50mln investments over 25 acre in primary stage of constructions, according to informed sources.
Jade Apparel, a world-class manufacturer of ready-made garments and textiles, is slated to run the factory early next year.
Jade Apparel factory due to be built in  Ismalyia's free zone is the third of its kind after one in the 10th of Ramadan City and another in Alexandria's Borg El-Arab.
With a 100 percent of output destined to be exported and 3500 job opportunities to be created, the new factory will concentrate on manufacturing all types of ready-made garments and textiles as well as  processes including dying and printing, according to the sources.
Ismalyia's free zone managed this year to allure investments into 28 projects including those for manufacturing medicine and garments, driving up factories operating in the free zone to 105 with over 24,000 job opportunities.
To provide Jade Apparel project with skillful personnel, Ismalyia Authority is conducting training courses for youths and graduates.
Ismalyia's free zone, housing projects in ready-made garments, leather, petrochemicals petroleum services and merchandise warehousing,  has currently 677 acre with USD683.5mln capital, as investment costs amount to USD1.2bn and existing job opportunities to 17392.