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Egypt to earmark EGP550mln for building Luxor's new museum and avenue

Sunday 29 July 2018 07:14 PM

Ram-headed Sphinxes
Ram-headed Sphinxes

By Doaa Mahmoud
The Egyptian government agreed to provide EGP550mln  to Ministry of Antiquities for financing the first phase of Sharm El-Sheikh new museum as well as developing Luxor's avenue of ram-headed sphinxes.
"Constructing Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is underway, as the government has allocated EGP250mln funding to do this task," said head of projects sector at Ministry of Antiquities Eng. Waad Allah Abu El-Ola.   
Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is built over 52 acres to display up to 20,000 artifacts at EGP800mln costs.
Upgrading the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes costs EGP500mln, according to Abu El-Alaa, predicting the project to finalize late this year.
The Egyptian government agreed back in fiscal year 2016/2017 to earmark EGP1.270bn for financing projects including developing Giza's Great Pyramids Plateau and refurbishing Baroon Palace and the Jewish Temple.