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Three European countries offer to supply Egypt with potatoes seeds

Wednesday 01 August 2018 07:18 PM


By El-Sawi Ahmed
Ministry of Agriculture received  offers from the three European countries of France, Holland and Denmark to supply the Egyptian market with potatoes seeds.
In response to rumors claiming a heat wave hitting Europe this summer may curb potatoes imports to Egypt,  head of agricultural quarantine Authority Dr. Ahmed El-Attar said that  importing the seeds from Europe goes through unhindered.
Egypt imports 200,000 tonne potatoes seeds worth EGP1.2bn per year from mostly European countries.
Through the implementation of new mechanisms and focusing on combating brown mold disease, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Reclamation kick-started an urgent plan for upping locally-produced potatoes, ranked second after tomatoes in terms of volume.
Arab countries including Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan  import large amounts of potatoes from several European countries such as France, Holland, Scotland, etc.