SCEZA negotiating with A3 Cairo to set up station at East Port Said Port

Thursday 09 August 2018 06:41 PM

Mohab Mamish
Mohab Mamish

By Nadia Saber

The Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority is negotiating with A3 Cairo the construction of a multi-purposed station with 500m platform  at East Port Said Port, according to statements delivered by chairman of SCEZA Mohab Mamish.
" Negotiations are also underway with a number of world-renowned operators to set up  RoRo vessel at East Port Said with 600m platform and 270,000sqm handling space," he told Al-Mal newspaper.
RoRo, short for Roll-on Roll-off, refers to how cargo is loaded and discharged from a RoRo vessel as opposed to being lifted using cranes.
SCEZA has okayed the renewal of   Italy-based Eni Co.'s licenses for operating and utilizing a 139m platform and 9,000sqm handling spaces at East Port Said Port in transporting petroleum materials and digging equipment in addition to supplying vessels with fuel serving the extraction of gas at the Mediterranean Sea's Zohr gas field, he added.
On the same vein, Mamish said that SCEZA scored progress in negotiations with Singapore Ports over managing and operating a second containers station with 1200m platform and 540,000 handling space at East Port Said Port.
Since the inauguration of the new canal back in August 2015 until late July 2018, Suez Canal recorded USD15.8bn revenues, equivalent to EGP219bn.
During 2017/2018 the Suez Canal revenues soared to the all-time-high of USD5.6bn recording a  USD600mln increase, or 12%, as compared with previous year.
Flexible marketing policies and incentives granted by SCEZA managed to bring in additional revenues amounting to USD1.722bn in the past three years during which  8081 vessels that preferred previously to use Panama or Cape of Good Hope routes passed through the Suez Canal.