ITworks Education to allure investments into integrating technology into education

Monday 10 September 2018 07:43 PM

ITworks Education
ITworks Education

By Mahmoud Gamal
ITworks Education has put in place a scheme for ramping up investments of  mutual funds and corporations  into educational software programs in the wake of  Lebanese EuroMena Fund's divestiture.
" EuroMena, having 30 percent shares in the company since 2007, is one of the most prominent funds in the region," said   ITworks Education CEO Erik Goldenberg.
By means of collaborating with distinguished partners, ITworks Education aims at enabling every person across the world to have access to the kind of education he/she wishes. It also seeks to help  ministries of education build electronic platforms so as to achieve ultimately the goal of upgrading education, he added.
While having plans for expanding into eight countries across the Middle East, the two Americas and Europe, ITworks Education has already branches and representatives in eight countries.
" IT works Education is providing up to 6 million clients made up of students,  teachers, decision makers, parents, employees and schoolmasters  with adequate solutions and applications, as it has strategic partnerships with world corporations in the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, HP and Intel."
ITworks Education, already having patents in software,  is integrating artificial technologies into education and promoting free-of-charge software such as ' Teacher Kit' which has been downloaded by up to 1.5 million users as it helps teachers interact with students, organize class-attendance records as well as preparing periods schedules.