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Proton aims to sell 1,000 cars locally by the end of 2018

Tuesday 25 September 2018 01:55 PM


By Sheriff Issa
Proton plans to sell 1000 cars in the Egyptian market by the end of this year, after announcing the start of export of its models to the Egyptian market, according to comments made by Dato Rajdev Mohammed, Executive Vice President of Proton.

Mohammed revealed that Ezz Al Arab Group, agent of Volvo, Citroen, Jeep and Proton cars in Egypt, has requested an additional shipment of brand models with a total of 280 cars in November.

Ezz Al Arab Group, the agents of Malaysia's Proton cars in Egypt, is preparing to receive the first batch of brand models after an absence of more than three years, with a total of 225 cars from the Alexandria Customs Port on 6 October.