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Losses of tomato farmers from TYLCV curbed on rising prices: FF

Saturday 29 September 2018 07:34 PM

Bad tomato seeds
Bad tomato seeds

By El-Sawy Ahmed  
Losses of large percent of  farmers reeling from Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus disease (TYLCV) have been curbed owing to tomato prices jumping recently to new highs, according to head of Farmers Federation Mohmed Farag.
Tomato rose in Egypt's Obour Market to EGP160 per 18kg and EGP12 per 1kg.
" Complaints filed by farmers of west-Delta area of Wadi El-Natron   and  investigated by Ministry of Agriculture demonstrated seeds used by them were taken from unlicensed plant nurseries, which  exonerates  suppliers from the accusation of providing bad seeds," informed source at MA told Al-Mal newspaper.
On the same vein, general head of Farmers Syndicate Hussein Abu Saddam requested full thorough investigations to be conducted in order to identify  culprits  responsible for the spread of the disease.