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Romania's Cocktail Holidays expects 3,000 tourists to visit Egypt this year

Tuesday 06 November 2018 02:21 PM


Al Mal:
In partnership with the largest travel agency in Egypt, Cocktail Holidays launched, for the first time on the Romanian market, special charter flights: Bucharest – Cairo, Bucharest – Luxor for Christmas and New Year but also Bucharest – Hurghada, not just for holidays but also for the first week of January.
"This year we estimate that the number of Romanian tourists visiting Egypt will exceed 3,000, and Egyptian authorities want as many foreign tourists as possible and support any agency that brings them to the country", Dan Goicea, managing partner of Romania's Cocktail Holidays was quoted by PR Business Review as saying.
”We have been offering holidays in Egypt since 1993, when the founder of Cocktail Holidays, Adriana Goicea, launched the first charter in Egypt with a cruise on the Nile. In the year we’re celebrating a quarter of a century of activity in Romania, we thought we should offer complex holidays to Egypt lovers,” says Dan Goicea.

The tour operator reached a sales volume of EUR 18 million in 2017 and estimates an increase of 15 percent in 2018. The yearly charters to Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Sharm el Sheikh and Tenerife were the star destinations in both 2017 and 2018.