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President El-Sisi urged to run for athird term in office

Thursday 24 January 2019 09:18 AM

National Police Day
National Police Day

By Ahmed Sabri

Egyptian state was on the verge of collapse literally, not allegorically, before a decision was taken to float the Egyptian pound back in November 2016, President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi said while attending ceremony marking the 67th National Police Day, which coincides with the 8th anniversary of 25 January revolution.

" The remaining requirements of the economic reform that wrought havoc with the Egyptians'  living conditions will not be as harsh as the out-going phases of the program," said he.  

Meanwhile, father of a police officer martyr asked president El-Sisi to run for the next presidential elections in order to pursue the country's fight against terrorism.

" Please, run for another term of office .... my son died in ambush at Giza's Ayaat town.. We have to fight terrorism for the sake of Egypt."

President El-Sisi has been elected back in  2014 and 2018 using a two-round system, as the constitution bars the president from running a third term of office.

The constitution, overwhelmingly approved by a referendum in 2014, may not be changed without any proposed amendments be approved by parliament, then ratified by a national referendum.

El-Sisi said publicly he plans to serve only two terms, but a lawyer who supports him filed a court case demanding that Egypt's parliament debate the two-term limit and consider changing it. The court has agreed to hear the case on December 23.