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Extricating state-land encroachersfrom prison is a boon for citizens:MP

Sunday 03 February 2019 12:37 PM

State-land encroachers
State-land encroachers

By Zakia Hedia

The impending ratification of law bringing about a reconcialation between the government and intruders who encroacheed upon state-owned lands can perfectly serve many Egyptian citizens, according to head of Housing Committee at House of Representatives Eng. Alaa Waly.

" Egypt's political leadership proposed the bill in order to serve citizens who simply wanted to build a lodging for their own sons through freeing them from the harsh penality of imprisonment," said he.

The current drafting can temporarily halt all litigations filed against intruders  pending a decision to be made in respect of  whether  reconciliation terms apply to illegal houses. For reconciliation to be accepted, encroachers must pay fines ranging from EGP50 to EGP2000 in accordance with the whereabouts of the houses, he explained.

"Occupants of illegal houses are the ones that must pay the fines, a large portion  of which shall be used to finance the installation of public amenities such as sewage and drinking water utilities."