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Egypt mulls the exportation of electricity to Syria

Thursday 14 February 2019 09:55 PM

Electricity Transmission towers
Electricity Transmission towers

By Omar Salem
Egypt mulls the exportation of electricity to Syria on the backdrop of the former's outsized surplus of electicity produced locally, according to informed sources.  
" In view of  the wide ranging destruction of Syria's power production capabilities during the civil war that started back in 2011, Ministry of Electricity is considering this issue seriously," an informed source told Al-Mal newspaper, adding that Egypt will be linked with Syria through the overhead power line transmitting electric pwer to Jordan. 
" Electric power transmitted to Jordan and Syria will be offered at London Exchange's prices." 
Egypt is linked with Jordan via an overhead power line built back in 1999  and looks to transmit electric power to other nearby markets in the Gulf States and Iraq via Saudi Arabia. 
Egypt has finalized a feasibility study for increasing capacity of power line transmitting electricity to Jordan by 570 percent to 3000 Megawatt up from 450 Megawatt, the source added. 
In response to a pertinent request filed by Jordan, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company signed a deal with Jordan's Ministry of Energy back in mid-2018 for hiking power exports to 10 gigawatt/ hour per year up from 2 gigawatt/hour.  
On top of deals with Libya, Palastine and Jordan, Egypt is currently carrying out electric power transmission projects with Sudan and Saudi Arabia. 
Additionally, the North-African country  looks to be interconnected with the  European Power Grid  through concluding linkage deals with countries such as Cybrus and Greece, a move seen as a step for  turning it into a regional power hub with over 14,000 megawatt surplus.