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Viola has completed several power projects, large municipal plants for the government, officials

Saturday 21 September 2019 09:15 AM

Veolia Water Technologies Egypt
Veolia Water Technologies Egypt



The Cairo-based economic daily Al-Mal has recently conducted an in-depth interview with Veolia Water Technologies officials. The interview covers many areas as follows:

1/ What is the history of Veolia Water Technologies in Egypt?

For over 30 years, Veolia Water Technologies Egypt has worked with industries, governmental bodies and communities as well as retail and commercial businesses to deliver innovative and sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions that are needed today, with the vision required for tomorrow.

To date, Veolia Water Technologies Egypt has completed several power projects, as well as large municipal plants for the government sector and for various industries and private enterprises, achieving quantifiable results with sustainable, pragmatic environmental solutions.

2/ What is the most striking and ambitious goal that Veolia has achieved in Egypt?

Veolia Water Technologies Egypt is customer-focused and committed to identifying cost-effective, sustainable solutions for water management and wastewater management. We help our customers to focus on maximizing the performance of their core business, while we satisfy their water, waste and energy operations and management needs.

3/ Veolia has 3 main activities: water, waste and energy: which one is the biggest issue for you in Egypt? Which one is the group Veolia going to focus on?

Today more than ever, Egypt is experiencing significant water scarcity due to rapid urbanization as well as scarcity of natural resources. Veolia Water Technologies provides the complete range of services in both the industrial and municipal sectors required to provide fully-integrated engineered solutions, design, deliver, operate, maintain, upgrade, and manage water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems.

4/ Which are the values that Veolia is trying to promote, globally?

With 160 years of expertise in the areas of water, energy and waste, Veolia applies its capacity for innovation to pursuing human progress and wellbeing, and improving the performance of businesses and regions. To make the switch from a resource consumption rationale to a use-and-recover approach in today’s circular economy, Veolia designs and implements solutions aimed at improving access to resources while at the same time protecting and renewing those same resources.

This is how Veolia contributes each and every day to RESOURCING THE WORLD.

5/ Veolia Water Technologies is participating to the Big 5 through the Sustainable City club, a club of French companies, launched by the French embassy, to promote green and sustainable practices and solutions. How would you say that Veolia enrolls in this sustainable and green approach?

  • Veolia developed smart digital services which is a coherent and effective solution for improving the environmental impact of water treatment facilities, and allows monitoring of potable water network distribution, enabling instant leakage detection and localization.
  • Veolia offers operating solutions that are more ecologically sober and more economically efficient, increasing not only the potential but also the accessibility of the available resources
  • Veolia Water Technologies’ portfolio includes a complete line of technologies which enable reducing water consumption of urban facilities by promoting recycling and reuse, thus giving water a second life.

6/ What would you say is the first thing to do to enhance environmental practices here in Egypt? And more globally, in the world?

The world’s population is growing and so are its needs. A reality which pushes us to be more inventive to improve our quality of life. The circular economy redefines our traditional economic model - based on the linear "extract - produce - consume - throw" system - which has now reached its limits. By saving its resources, a circular city promotes growth, creates jobs, secures its supplies and reduces its carbon emissions. In local loops, it encourages local actors to recycle and extend the duration of use of materials. It sets up functional savings by sharing infrastructure and services.